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Product News: The Latest in Industrial Robotics and Automation Technology

Discover the newest products in the robotics industry! Add this page to your favorites and stop wasting time bouncing from site to site searching for new products in robotics technology and automation. All products in this section have been introduced in the last six months.

December 2019

SMAC Torques Capping Applications with the New CBR Actuator

POSTED: 12/04/2019

CARLSBAD, CA - SMAC Moving Coil Actuators’ new CBR electric actuator has been released and is being utilized widely in

November 2019

ABB and B&R launch first fully integrat-ed Machine-Centric Robotics solution

POSTED: 11/26/2019

ABB robots will be integrated into B&R’s automation portfolio.

EduCart: Next-Generation Fenceless Robotic Training Platform

POSTED: 11/22/2019

Developed for use in classrooms, robotics labs and robotics training centers, the pre-engineered EduCart™ workcell features fenceless design, six-axis robot.

Perceptron Announces Global Alliance with Coherix for Bead Inspection

POSTED: 11/21/2019

Perceptron, Inc. today announced a new commercial partnership with Coherix Inc.

New Type of Contour Measurement

POSTED: 11/14/2019

With the new CMS 700i 3D contour measurement system, Leuze electronic is presenting a world’s first for volume measurements.

NexCOBOT Introduces AI-enabled Smart Robot Box Series to Revolutionize Smart Manufacturing

POSTED: 11/14/2019

NEXCOM’s robotics company, NexCOBOT, is excited to present the new Smart Robot Box (SRB) Series that operates as a robot

“driven” explains the factory of the future

POSTED: 11/11/2019

Digitization and automation will completely change the way we develop and produce products.

Shape Process Automation releases groundbreaking automated laser cutting device

POSTED: 11/04/2019

Shape Process Automation released its next-generation robotic laser cutting device, Newton, at Great Designs in Steel.

October 2019

Omron releases E3AS Series TOF Photoelectric Sensors with compact size and 1,500 mm sensing distance

POSTED: 10/31/2019

Omron Automation Americas recently launched its cutting-edge E3AS photoelectric sensors that employ time-of-flight (TOF) detection...

Zimmer Group expands its digitalization strategy with new products

POSTED: 10/29/2019

Master gateway and software tool for component commissioning   The market is currently in constant motion, especially in the field of lightweight

Arrival of the new flexible feeding system: the Asycube 380

POSTED: 10/15/2019

This long-awaited latest model strengthens the series with a format that fits between the Asycube 240 and 530.

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