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News on Cutting Edge Robot Technology

Discover the newest products in the robotics industry! Add this page to your favorites and stop wasting time bouncing from site to site searching for new products in robotics technology and automation. All products in this section have been introduced in the last six months.

February 2018

New Micro Gripper Allows Fragile Part Handling as Low as 2.5 Gram Force

POSTED: 02/13/2018

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators introduced details for their new MGR6 Series Micro Gripper. The SMAC MGR6 Series Micro Gripper has

ATI Develops Universal Compliance Compensator

POSTED: 02/02/2018

ATI Industrial Automation’s new U1-050 Universal Compliance Compensator combines a variety of features to achieve the highest level of adaptability.

January 2018

“Smart Process Gating” is Reinventing Muting

POSTED: 01/26/2018

MLC 530 SPG, safety light curtains with “Smart Process Gating”, provides efficient access guarding without muting sensors.

LEMAX mini-vacuum pump: economic in everything except performance

POSTED: 01/26/2018

After the launch of the LEM, COVAL has entered a new phase with the LEMAX.

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