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News on Cutting Edge Robot Technology

Discover the newest products in the robotics industry! Add this page to your favorites and stop wasting time bouncing from site to site searching for new products in robotics technology and automation. All products in this section have been introduced in the last six months.

June 2017

FPC Series Suction Cup, Portrait of a Specialist!

POSTED: 06/22/2017

The universal suction cup for all types of FlowPack packaging. FPC stands for FlowPack Cup: COVAL's new suction cup is

Automated Painting Solution for General Industry

POSTED: 06/20/2017

Dürr and Kuka, leading manufacturers in the fields of production and automation technology, have joined forces: together they have developed

The Miniature Servo Controller for Extreme Conditions

POSTED: 06/19/2017

A rugged, compact powerhouse: The new ESCON Module 50/8 HE servo controller from maxon motor controls DC motors up to

Schneider Packaging Brightens Productivity with Intelligent Illumination™ Technology

POSTED: 06/16/2017

The toast of computer gamers and lighting manufacturers now has a potentially critical role in the packaging industry with the

Schneider Packaging Equipment Case Sealers With Water-Activated Tape

POSTED: 06/16/2017

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., a leading manufacturer of end-of-line solutions for case packing, sealing and palletizing, is reducing downtime for

Schneider Packaging Equipment to Introduce its Newly Redesigned Bottom-Loading Vertical Case Packer

POSTED: 06/16/2017

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., a leading manufacturer of end-of-line solutions for case packing, sealing and palletizing, is introducing its newly

SMAC Introduces Thinnest Moving Coil Linear Motor in the World

POSTED: 06/14/2017

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators introduced details for their LCA6. At 6mm wide, SMAC Moving Coil Actuators claims that the

NEXCOM I/O Modules Ensure EtherCAT Compatibility for Networked Control Systems

POSTED: 06/12/2017

NEXCOM has completed its EtherCAT solution with the NEIO series of EtherCAT slave

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators Announces IP Rated Products

POSTED: 06/09/2017

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators announced details for their highly anticipated, dustproof and waterproof, IP65/IP67 product line. SMAC’s IP rated

Predictive Maintenance Information Among New Features of Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Newest HMI

POSTED: 06/07/2017

GT2107 Wide HMI Improves System Visibility and Performance.

Robotic VISION Technologies, Universal Robots to Introduce 3D Cobot Packaging Application at Jacob Javits Center in New York City

POSTED: 06/07/2017

RVT will be demonstrating its new collaborative 3D vision guidance software on a Universal Robot UR5.

Yaskawa Motoman MPX3500 Robot Creates Consistent Finish in Coating Applications

POSTED: 06/06/2017

The fast, six-axis MPX3500 robot offers superior performance and efficiently creates a smooth, consistent finish in painting.

May 2017

Piab’s Kenos Range of Suction Pad Grippers are Perfect for Packaging and Palletizing

POSTED: 05/17/2017

Piab is extending its program of advanced packaging and palletizing products with the Kenos range of suction pad/foam grippers.

Piab Offers Improved Flap-free Vacuum Ejector

POSTED: 05/17/2017

Piab is introducing a new proprietary two-stage vacuum ejector technology that offers efficiency improvements as well as a performance boost.

Vacuum Press Loading Cups Maximize Grip and Disperse Oil

POSTED: 05/12/2017

A new line of round vacuum traction cups for press automation that are designed to grip securely and disperse oil.

maxon's High Torque Brushless DC Motor

POSTED: 05/11/2017

Redesigned for even greater performance.

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