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Material Removal Questions

Question Asked:

I am brand new in this field of robotics but I'm not new in supplying specialized abrasives and tools in the Aerospace & Aviation field. I have a customer that is interested in using robotics to sand down exotic metals that is concave and has some radius and particular geometry. Their product ranges from 1 foot to 2 feet in length. Are there robots that can handle sanding in those concave and radius area,s and are there companies that incentivize companies like me to work with them. They are looking to me as their supplier since I work closely with them.

3 Answers

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Bethany Duncan - Senior Application Engineer
ATI Industrial Automation
bduncan [at] ati-ia [dot] com

ATI Industrial Automation (www.ati-ia.com) offers some robotic deburring tools. We also have a 6-axis force/torque sensor that has been used in robotic sanding and material removal applications.

Jason Jamiel - Service Manager & Senior Applications Engineer
jjamiel [at] kcrobotics [dot] com
(513) 860-4442

Hello, did you still need help with this? Please contact me if you do, I have engineered systems before that do this. Let me know if i can help jjamiel@kcrobotics.com

Thomas Trnka - Principal Engineer
Boeing Research & Technology, Auburn
thomas [dot] e.trnka [at] boeing.com
(206) 854-4676

Contact John Barry at 3M John Barry 3M Center, 240-01-01 3M Abrasive Systems Division, Tech Service Tel:1-651-733-9689 Fax:1-651 733-5453 jlbarry1@mmm.com

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