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Material Removal Questions

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What I am trying to do is use a robot that will suck liquid out of a 8' by 4' "cookie sheet" looking apparatus and drain it into a holding tank. Ideally, as the "cookie sheets" pass on a conveyor belt, the robot will have an arm that will move down and suck (vacuum) the liquid out of the pan, drain it into a tank, and then proceed to do it for each passing "cookie sheet". Each cookie sheet would pass through the machine at an inconsistent rate so a sensor may be needed. The height of the cookie sheet is approximately 1.5 cm. Thank you for all of your help.

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David E. Haynes - Senior Sales Engineer
Bimba | Vaccon
dhaynes [at] vaccon [dot] com
(774) 324-1214

Jordan, I am not able to help with the robot but I can recommend our DF 5-6-FD-ST8B material transfer pump for sucking up the fluid. My e-mail address is dhaynes@vaccon.com. if you would like to e-mail me I would be happy to send you the information on it. My direct line is 774-324-1214 if you have any questions. David E. Haynes

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