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Safety Questions

Question Asked:

I need to know if restrictions exist for the the base of robot position, the manufacturer engineer is trying to support the robot in the roof. The robot is a Motoman DX100.

1 Answers

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Pat Davison - Director, Standards Development
Robotic Industries Association
pdavison [at] robotics [dot] org
(734) 929-3269

If I understand correctly, does your question regard whether a robot can be mounted in a configuration other than the ground or a floor surface? If that is the question, the answer is "yes." Robots can be mounted in any number of ways, including overhead gantries or other suitable structures, which would allow for required access to the work area. You will want to check with the specific robot manufacturer to ensure the model selected is suitable for such mounting. It also goes without saying that the mounting structure needs to be designed to accommodate the load.

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