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Material Handling Questions

Question Asked:

I am looking for a robotic system to assist with handling ceramic molds and castings that weigh at least 60 pounds. We have had several lumbar strains from lifting these molds because they are handled at least 10 times each by the employee. The molds are fragile. We do have robotics in the facility to dip the molds in the ceramics. Do you have any recommendations?

6 Answers

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Mike Tuohey - Marketing Communications Manager
mtuohey [at] piab [dot] com
(800) 321-7422

You could use some vacuum automation to assist in this handling. Small, lightweight air-operated energy-efficient vacuum pumps along with the proper suction cup to handle the weight and consistency of the mold are available from Piab at www.piab.com.

Alfredo Valadez - Business Development and Sales Robotics Division
Wynright Corporation
avaladez [at] wynright [dot] com
(817) 701-1781

Christine, I would recommend that you contact a Robotics integrator that can develop a solution for you. RIA has a list of integrators that you can contact on their website. This is the best way to implement a solution since you do not have much experience with Robotics. Good Luck. You can contact me if you need more information.

Tom Sipple - Technology Leader
Yaskawa Motoman
tom [dot] sipple [at] motoman.com
(937) 847-6200

Yaskawa Motoman has many robots installed in ceramic handling applications. Please give me a call to discuss your application.

Mason Nicholson - Marketing Coordinator & Customer Service
Schmalz, Inc.
mason [dot] nicholson [at] schmalz.us
(919) 713-0880, x624

We can look at a lower cost manipulator solution with a crane, or a robotic one. We would need more info on the parts (pictures, dimensions, variety of sizes, ...) Do the parts need to be rotated or turned any ?

William Culley - President
Empire Robotics
bill [at] empirerobotics [dot] com
(585) 802-2433

We have built some custom lift assist tools based on our VERSABALL jamming grippers for the investment casting industry. These are good for the case where your parts vary, are heavy, and need to be handled delicately. We may be able to help you with a similar solution. Feel free to contact me at bill@empirerobotics.com.

Mitch Yencha - Owner
MJM Sales, Inc. / RAM Solutions, Inc.
mitch [at] ramsolutions [dot] net
(248) 299-0525

We handle a Servo Lift Arm that Ford Motor company has used to move panels. Send me you contact info and I can send you info.

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