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Welding, Arc Questions

Question Asked:

I'm using a Fanuc arc mate and can't get the weld to stop burning through my material which is aluminum. It's only the beginning of the weld and the end of the weld that burns through the material. What can i change so it will stop doing this and how do i change it?

1 Answers

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Josh Williamson - Market Segment Manager Robotics
williamson [dot] joshua [at] fronius.com
(810) 772-6968

Bob, We are able to assist you with your problem (even if you are not using Fronius equipment). Please feel free to contact me. Joshua Williamson / Welding Technology Division / Segment Manager Robotics / Fronius USA, LLC / Tel: +1 (810) 844-2810 / Mobile: +1 (810) 772-6968 / williamson.joshua@fronius.com / Website www.fronius-usa.com

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