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Hello, I have a Fanuc robot and I've been using teach pendant to program it. Can the robot be programmed using G-code? If so, how can I see the G-code program that I created using teach pendant? Thanks for your help.

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Gregory Culp - Robotic Sales Specialist
In-House Solutions
greg [dot] culp [at] inhousesolutions.com
(215) 801-9556

Ryan, most robots do not have G-code. I know Kuka came out with a product called Kuka.CNC and that runs the robot strictly off of G-Code commands. I do not believe Fanuc has something like this. Have you ever considered using an offline programming solution? I recommend looking at Octopuz. www.octopuz.com. You will have a lot more control over the robot path. Hope this helps. Greg Culp

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