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Safety Questions

Question Asked:

Is an FSU unit required for a new Yaskawa MA1400 in Canada?

2 Answers

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Pat Davison - Director, Standards Development
Robotic Industries Association
pdavison [at] robotics [dot] org
(734) 929-3269

CSA Z434 does not mandate the use of optional features (such as the Yaskawa Functional Safety Unit) that enable the controllers to perform additional safety features. However, there can be advantages to utilizing such features, and they can only be used if the additional controls are purchased. So, to answer your question, "no," it is not required, but there can be advantages to using such features if you elect to utilize them.

Mike Kunkle - Owner
MEK Consulting
mekconsulting [at] comcast [dot] net
(717) 578-9875

It is not a requirement put forth in the CSA Z434-14. However, I feel that anyone purchasing a new robot should include that option.

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