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Safety Questions

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Frequently I must evaluate "pre-fabricated" robot cells that come to our facility from Japan and they often do not fully meet RIA and OSHA standards. My question is, I have received several such cells where the intent is to have two separate part load fixtures that are serviced by a single pedestal mounted robot that will be welding. There are light curtains that create to separate part load windows but nothing to prevent an operator from reaching through one window into the other side's fixture or into the robot working on the opposite fixture. Is DCS or similar work envelope limiting software adequate?

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Mike Kunkle - President/Principal Consultant
MEK Consulting
mekconsulting [at] comcast [dot] net
(717) 578-9875

Daniel, The type system and safeguarding you are speaking about is quite common. I would really like to speak with you in order to provide you with an accurate answer. Please contact me at 717-292-4916.

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