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Safety Questions

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Apparently there is a belief that only robots compliant with 15.06 2012 may be installed in new or upgraded cells in 2016. I am looking for a concise statement stating that as-manufactured robots compliant with the 1996 standard may be installed in new and upgraded cells in 2016—provided that the rest of the system meets the requirements of the 2012 standard. Please include reference to your credentials. Thanks.

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Jim Cook - Applications Engineering
Stäubli Robotics
j [dot] cook [at] staubli.com
(864) 433-1980

ANSI/RIA TR R15.506-2014 is a technical report that supplements ANSI/R15.06. It addresses the applicability of ANSI/R15.06-2012 for existing industrial robot applications. There are several different scenarios covered in the supplement. A new robot going into an existing cell or an existing robot going into a new cell must meet R15.06-2012, the current standard. Refurbished or repaired robots going into existing cell, or existing robots being used with a modified cell some times can follow the older -1996 standard but in some cases a risk assessment may require additional safety measures. I believe the technical reports can be downloaded free of charge from several sources including the RIA and the ANSI web sites.

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