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Question Asked:

Is there a robotic operation system that can handle a robotic system by secure sign on and over the internet? The browser would be used to guide a camera.

3 Answers

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Ben Sagan - Business Development Manager - Robotics
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
ben [dot] sagan [at] meau.com

Robert, Yes, it is possible to do what you are asking. Will you be doing the integration or do you need a systems intigrator to do the work for you?

Curtis Goff - Director of Business Development
cgoff [at] inovision [dot] com

Robert, yes there is. Please give me a call to discuss further. This is being done in mainstream auto plants now.

Daniel Theobald - Chief Innovation Officer
Vecna Technologies
theo [at] vecna [dot] com

The VGo platform (vecna.com) is ideal for this and being used in several industries for this exact purpose. Let me know if you would like more information. Best, Daniel

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