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Question Asked:

I'm interested in automating my restaurant. Is there a company you can guide me to for the pizza industry?

3 Answers

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Mike Kunkle - President/Principal Consultant
MEK Consulting
mekconsulting [at] comcast [dot] net
(717) 578-9875

Hi Todd, It is really a coincendce that you asked that question. Look at the RIA Certified Integrators and contact L2F. L2F has just made available a robotic pizza making system. Contact Scott Lang or Derek Perez for information. Tell them you found them through the RIA Certified Robot Integrator listing and that the certification auditor suggested you contact them

Ben Sagan - Business Development Manager - Robotics
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
ben [dot] sagan [at] meau.com

Todd, Yes it is possible to automate the making and baking of pizza. Two of Mitsubishi's Authorized Robotic Systems Providers construct Kiosks that make food. One I believe has made pizza in the the Kiosk. Please contact me and we can discuss your needs.

Daniel Theobald - Chief Innovation Officer
Vecna Technologies
theo [at] vecna [dot] com

Hi Todd, Can you describe the type of automation you are interested in. For example, are you looking for automated pizza assembly, cooking, and delivery to the customer? Best, Daniel

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