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Welding, Arc Questions

Question Asked:

Hello, I have two reports to improve the contact tips selection in a GMAW welding process; these two reports made by different divisions (the parts they are welding are different, maybe also different parameters of welding) have opposite recommendations based on the durability of the contact tips. One report says that fronius tip is more durable than euroricambi, but in the other report says that euroricambi have better performance because the tip is made by extrusion and the fronius tip is made by sintered process. This is true? An extruded contact tip is better than a sintered contact tip? Or maybe it’s a combination of parameters than can cause this different behavior. Please let me know what you think. Thanks and regards.

2 Answers

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Josh Williamson - Market Segment Manager Robotics
williamson [dot] joshua [at] fronius.com
(810) 772-6968

Raul, I would like to read the reports and follow-up with your questions on contact tips. Can you email me the reports? williamson.joshua@fronius.com Best Regards, Joshua Williamson ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joshua WILLIAMSON / Welding Technology Division / Robotics Segment Manager North America / Mobile: +1 (810) 772-6968

Thomas Wedlick, PhD, PE - Senior Engineer
Exponent, Inc.
twedlick [at] exponent [dot] com

Hi Rob, My engineering consulting company has decades of welding experience for many Fortune 500 companies. I would be happy to discuss this with you further and introduce you to some of our experts. The URL below lists some of our welding expertise: http://www.exponent.com/services/practices/engineering/materials--corrosion-engineering/capabilities/welding/ Thanks! Tom

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