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I have a six axis robotic arm on a rail, and it is going into a specialized room with two doors. I have two laser safety scanners in the room (4 inches off the floor so anyone entering the room is detected) and the robot and rail stop. The robot can't reach either door. One scanner is on one side of the rail and covers the door. The other is on far side of the rail and there are no doors on that side of the robot. Am I in compliance with guarding specifications w/o interlocks on the doors? I can send pictures. 6 estops two outside the room 4 inside to stop.

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Ben Sagan - Mitsubishi Electric Development Manager - Robotics
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
ben [dot] sagan [at] meau.com

David, You must calculate if the time from moment the sensor triggers a safe stop until the robot stops. Then, you must determine if the distance in worst case conditions (Closest to the door probably) is sufficient for the robot to stop before the person entering the cell can reach the robot. Finally, you must insure that there is no place in the workcell a person can reasonably stand and not be detected by the safety system. The reason is to prevent a person from entering the cell and a second person starts the cell while the first person is in the workcell.

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