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Question Asked:

What segments make up the Industrial Robotics industry?

3 Answers

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Jim Beretta - President
Customer Attraction Marketing Consulting
jim [at] customerattraction [dot] com
(519) 623-3334

Hi Madison, I am giving a webinar next Thursday on Robotics 101 with RIA and it will cover this question, but right now, automotive is the big driver for industrial automation. Specifically welding, painting, and assembly. Robots are in almost every sector of the economy, and in every process for manufacturing, material handling to inspection, pick and place to storage/retrieval and packaging / food automation. Hope this helps. Regards, Jim

Thomas Wedlick - Senior Engineer
Exponent, Inc.
twedlick [at] exponent [dot] com

Hi Madison, I am a consultant at Exponent, an international engineering and science consulting firm headquartered in Menlo Park just off 101. My particular expertise is on robotics and mechanical engineering. I would be happy to discuss the robotics industry with you in more detail, if you like. Thanks, Tom Thomas Wedlick, Ph.D., P.E. Exponent Failure Analysis Associates Menlo Park, CA (650) 688-7104 Bio: www.exponent.com/thomas_wedlick/ LinkedIn: www.ThomasWedlick.com

Luc Vanden-Abeele - Assistant Director, Product Management and Market Research
lvanden-abeele [at] symbotic [dot] com
(514) 352-0500

Good afternoon Madison. The Industrial Robotics Industry covers robots that are mainly used in the manufacturing sectors (automotive, electronics, food & beverage, etc.). Have a look at the International Federation of Robotics web site: http://www.ifr.org/industrial-robots/, it should help you out.

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