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Question Asked:

Where are the batteries located on an otc Daihen almega ax-v6l robot with a ax-c controller? Thanks.

2 Answers

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Johnathan Rankin - Automated Systems Specialist
Nidec Minster Corporation
johnathan [dot] rankin [at] minster.com
(419) 628-2331

Jeffrey, I have the electrical manual for the AXCMN1. If that is your controller, please email me and I will send you a screen shot of the battery replacement procedure. Thanks!

Mike Monnin - General Manager Sales and Marketing
mmonnin [at] daihen-usa [dot] com
(937) 667-0800

There are 2 types of batteries on the AX-series robot systems. Encoder backup batteries are housed in the base of the robot. Here is a link to an excerpt from our documentation with information about these batteries: https://www.dropbox.com/s/njcqfgpfleu093w/AX-series%20encoder%20backup%20battery%20info.pdf?dl=0 CPU backup battery can be bound inside the controller on the main CPU board. Please contact OTC Daihen, Inc. customer service at (937) 667-0800 and ask to speak to on of our trained technicians for part information and documentation on their replacement procedures.

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