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Welding, Arc Questions

Question Asked:

I want to duplicate a progam in a different location on a otc v6 with a fd11 controller and a fd teaching pendant, I want to be able to weld 3 of the same parts without teaching every individual part.

3 Answers

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Mike Monnin - General Manager Sales and Marketing
mmonnin [at] daihen-usa [dot] com
(937) 667-0800

I have put documentation on our X-Y-Z shift into our DropBox Public folder for your retrieval. Contact our customer service department at CS@Daihen-USA.com if you have any further questions. DropBox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5j13klcc205heuo/AAC4kD0DS7qEG7kgKVG-XxL5a?dl=0

Tracy McWhirter - Business Development Coordinator
Dynalog, Inc.
tracy_mcwhirter [at] dynalog-us [dot] com
(248) 203-9602, x222

Anil Raghavan - Business Development Director
Dynalog, Inc.
ar [at] dynalog-us [dot] com
(248) 203-9602, x212

Hello Ryan, What you are trying to achieve is know as cloning of robot programs. You will need to calibrate the robot-cell in the first location and calibration the same or different similar robot-cell in the second location. Knowing the two robot-cell signatures, you can compensate the robot programs from one location to another without touch-up. Dynalog provides the DynaCal system that is capable of calibrating and compensating the robot-cells. Contact me if you need more information. Best regards, Anil

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