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Welding, Arc Questions

Question Asked:

Hi, I am a manufacturing engineer with a lighting company and we are interested to purchase an arc-welding cell/robot. This is the first time we are exploring robotics. I know choosing the right integrator is very important in the process. I was wondering if you can tell me who are the three top integrators in the arc-welding world? I appreciate your help.

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Johnathan Rankin - Automated Systems Specialist
Nidec Minster Corporation
johnathan [dot] rankin [at] minster.com
(419) 628-2331

Hello Panahi, Welcome to the robotics world. You are correct, the choice of integrator is crucial. The RIA has a certified integrator program for helping vet integrators. The company that I work for, Nidec Minster, is a certified integrator and we are one of only 30-40 in North America that have the qualifications to pass the audit and testing required. With that being said, we could (and would love to) sell you a welding cell but we are not the leaders in this section of the industry. When choosing an integrator, be weary of working with a company that says they are good at all types of robot applications. We are more on the material handling side of the industry. I would look into Wayne Trail. They are owned by Lincolin Electric and have a very good welding applications group. I am happy to introduce you to them if you would like or you can just find their information on the RIA website. Good luck and keep us in mind if you have any stamping automation or material handling needs

Mark Oxlade - Market Development Manager - Welding and Cutting
ABB Inc.
mark [dot] x.oxlade [at] us.abb.com
(248) 391-9000

Hi Peyman, we have a number of skilled partners throughout the US in welding robotics. They have varying capabilities and geographics. To provide you with the right choice of partner it would be useful to understand the details of your project a little more. If you would like to connect via email (mark.x.oxlade@us.abb.com) I'd be happy to provide you with some qualified choices. Kind regards, Mark O.....

Mike Monnin - General Manager Sales and Marketing
mmonnin [at] daihen-usa [dot] com
(937) 667-0800

Airgas - Whittier, CA branch would be a great choice for someone close to your location that is very savvy with robotic production weld cells and weld fixturing. Tom Mulvihill is their Robotic Weld Process Specialist and his cell is (562) 204-4449. I'd give you other integrator names, but Airgas has worked with many 1st-time robot welders in that area and they represent your best path forward. Good luck!

Darren Jacobs - Business Development
CENIT North America
d [dot] jacobs [at] cenit.com

Good morning Mr. Panahi, I appreciate your question and will try to answer appropriately! I agree with you that choosing a system integrator is sometimes more important than the equipment itself. Every application has its challenges, so working with a system integrator who has a proven track record and references of success, is key! One of our Fastsuite E2 integration partners whom I highly recommend is Genesis Systems Group, located in Davenport, IA. GSG has almost 35 years of experience in system design, with multiple robot integration brand experience and of course the latest welding competencies necessary for a successful robotic welding applications. If you need a personal introduction to them, please do not hesitate to respond back to me on either by email (d.jacobs@cenit.com ) or my personal cell phone (704-620-0500).

Mitchell Yencha - President
MJM Sales, Inc. / RAM Solutions, Inc.
mitch [at] ramsolutions [dot] net
(248) 299-0525

Good morning: The Arc Welding Experts we are familiar with are Genesis Systems Group from Davenport, IOWA. My Salesman is there today for a tour and to present our products to them. Wayne Trail. out of Ohio is also a a key integrator.. Christopher Zurek

Ben Appelfeller - Robotics
Honda Engineering North America, LLC
ben_appelfeller [at] ega [dot] honda.com

I would highly recommend Wayne Trail. They are a Lincoln Electric owned company and have the resources to take on any size project and will serve all of North America and beyond if needed. I have copied there web address below and I know they will be able to guide you along the way with integrating your first robotics system. Good luck with your endeavors. https://www.waynetrail.com/

Bob Rochelle - Territory Sales Manager, South East
G├╝del, Inc.
bob [dot] rochelle [at] us.gudel.com
(248) 660 5039

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