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What are the 10 largest manufacturers, 10 largest sellers and 10 largest users of industrial robotics? Any information would help. Thanks,

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Johnathan Rankin - Automated Systems Specialist
Nidec Minster Corporation
johnathan [dot] rankin [at] minster.com
(419) 628-2331

Kyle, In no specific order: Robot Manufacturers: The big 4 - Fanuc, ABB, KUKA, Motoman Other significant brands - Kawasaki, Nachi, Comau, Denso, Staubli, Adept, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Universal + about 10 more. Robot Sellers: Robot companies generally sell their own products to robot integrators that then create a robot system and sell it to the end user. Some of the top integrators: See the link below. https://www.robotics.org/Meet-The-Certified-Integrators Robot Users: - By far, any of the automotive manufacturers. - The tier 1-3 automotive part suppliers - The robot companies themselves - There are 1,000's of other robot applications but none as significant as automotive. Check out the webinar section of the website and you will find some great industry statistics. Thanks and good luck with your research.

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