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We have a few EX series robots. We replaced the encoder batteries the other day. On one of the units we get an encoder battery error message when trying to put into teach. Batteries show 3.6 volts each. What could be wrong?

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Mike Monnin - General Manager Sales and Marketing
mmonnin [at] daihen-usa [dot] com
(937) 667-0800

Warning: Only do an absolute offset adjustment in the following cases: • EB60701-XXXX ABSO ERROR • A 60701-XXXX ABSO • A 20617-XXXX ABS COMP ERROR • A 20621-XXXX ABS DATA OUT • A 30223-XXXX ENC LOST POS • A 30224-XXXX ENC BATTERY • When the encoder has been changed or disconnected. • When the Battery has been disconnected. Before an absolute offset is preformed, an encoder reset will need to be done! Encoder Reset/ ABSO Offset Procedure 1. Turn ON servo power. 2. Manually move the robot to origin marks. 3. Press the blue arrow key (solid arrow at top right of keypad) 4. Press F4 (SYS SET) 5. Press the enter key 6. Press F5 (ABS RST) 7. Press the F Key for the mechanism that needs reset 8. Select the axis you want to reset in the desired mechanism (F1 key will turn to ON) 9. After selecting axis press F5 (EXECUTE) 10. A message will appear “Encoder reset encoders of selected axes will be reset servo power will turn off” 11. Press F1 (CONFIRM) 12. A message will appear “Encoder reset

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