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Hi All. I am after ideas for a robot arm that I can control to use for remote spray painting. Application requires arm to be positioned in different locations on all axis and hence would not suit a typical fixed robot paint solution. My thinking is along the lines of a Arm that can be controlled by an operator (ideally through a arm/hand interface but joystick as minimum) and then remote camera's through some form of Heads up Display to see blind spots. Any ideas and thoughts welcomed

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Johnathan Rankin - Automated Systems Specialist
Nidec Minster Corporation
johnathan [dot] rankin [at] minster.com
(419) 628-2331

Hello Peter, My company is developing a control system for manually operating and industrial robot via real-time human input using an industrial hand controller (like an industrial grade video game controller). We are developing this system for cutting and grinding of our castings but may it be a good fit for what you are looking for. The other part of our solution is an industrial VR headset and and industrial 3D camera for remote control with high visibility of the work area. If you want to discuss further, feel free to contact me. Thanks! Johnathan

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