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As a parent volunteer mentor for the Wheaton High School robotics team (in Silver Spring, MD), I am trying to find a list of robotics-oriented companies in Maryland to contact about potential sponsorships and mentorships. Any suggestions on how to find such a list?

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Glenn Saunders - Senior Research Engineer
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
saundg [at] rpi [dot] edu
(518) 276-6696

Dear Stephan. It's wonderful that you're involved in FIRST; it's a great program. Plan to invest a lot of time, but it's a worthwhile commitment! Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that you won't find what precisely you're looking for. In my experience, there is no one who maintains lists like the one you seek who would be likely to share it. Fortunately, you live in an area with a lot of technology companies nearby, so you have a lot of potential sponsors, but it's going to be up to the team to find them and make the connections. Chambers of Commerce frequently have paying memberships, and thus are generally unwilling to share their contacts outside the membership. You may have some luck with state-funded, non-profit economic development organizations, but these generally serve a wide range of interests (construction, real estate, law, etc.) than robotics or even technology. My recommendation is that you don't limit yourself to robotics companies, but consider any technology provider.

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