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System Integration Questions

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When programming a system such as a Ferris wheel with an area scanner or light curtains is it considered ok to use reference positions to indicate when the light curtains or scanner can be muted to load the load side of the cell as long as there is a button or a device that must be pushed once you leave the load zone which dictates the load is ready and the curtains or scanner will then be unmuted awaiting the completion of the run and all safety is active protecting the operator from re-entry?

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Mark Westphal - Manager, Marketing
Schmalz, Inc.
mark [dot] westphal [at] schmalz.us
(919) 713-0880, x8566

Hi - we appreciate your question, but are not the best source for information on this one. Our advisement would be to direct this to a vision company like SICK, Banner or similar. Regards Mark Westphal

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