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Welding, Arc Questions

Question Asked:

I am looking at a 2 headstock work cell and notice some have a door or curtain on both sides of the robot between the robot and the headstock and others don’t. Is there a reason for this? Standard possibly? as I want to do what’s right.

2 Answers

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Leo Liske - Systems Group Manager
KC Robotics, Inc.
lliske [at] kcrobotics [dot] com
(513) 860-4442

Lee, There are many variables that drive cell design. Contact me directly and we can discuss the cell design you are looking at.

Eric Esson - National Sales Manager
Dynatect Manufacturing, Inc.
eric [dot] esson [at] dynatect.com
(262) 586-1500

LEE: The reason for the curtain or door (Please take a look at the Dynatect VF Door on line) is for safety productivity. The doors act as both an electronic safety device as well as a physical screen allowing the weld process to be isolated from the operator. I could go much more indepth, please give me a ring at 262-786-1500.

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