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Safety Questions

Question Asked:

If I have a robot with a failsafe control unit, but it is not specifically a power and force limited model, can I myself build the necessary speed and torque limits into its motion to allow it to be used in a power and force limited operation?

2 Answers

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Lee Burk - Manager, Training & Standards
Pilz Automation Safety L.P.
l [dot] burk [at] pilzusa.com
(734) 354-0272

Doing so would require modification of the robot controller and drives. This will completely void any warranty and liability of the manufacturer. Check with the manufacturer but, as a rule, these functions cannot be added to an existing robot.

Roberta Nelson Shea - Global Technical Compliance Officer
Universal Robots A/S
rns [at] universal-robots [dot] com
(631) 610-9664

The robot manufacturer has to answer this question. I presume it is Yaskawa because of the name "FSU". The robot manufacturer has to state whether they have safety functions for the purpose of power and force limiting.

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