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Safety Questions

Question Asked:

To whom should we speak about the safety standards, certifications, performance tests, etc. for LiDAR?

2 Answers

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James Norton - President
JHN Group
jamesnorton [at] jhngroup [dot] com
(617) 448-9649

You would need to get your LIDAR system certified for a SIL or PL standard, This could be done thru a Notified Body in Europe i.e. TUV Rhineland or a National Recognized Testing Laboratory in the U.S. i.e.. U.L.. That would indicate that the system was certified in a specific SIL or PL level system. It does not certify that the system it is used in is certified only that your device meets the requirements for use in such a system.

Lee Burk - Manager, Training & Standards
Pilz Automation Safety L.P.
l [dot] burk [at] pilzusa.com
(734) 354-0272

Ian, You are inquiring into a new technology for safety-related applications. The only currently applicable standard is IEC 61496-1. As far as functional safety performance goes, the product specifications I have seen indicate SIL 2 / Category 2, PL d is achieved. Response time is less than 100 ms.

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