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Spent yesterday putting together 30 spider robots with Hitl Scouts(common walking toy you see blue body, gray legs). Expected failures, but got thrown for a loop when I handful of the kids had a different wiring design. Rather than one black and one red wire to connect to the terminals they had red, black, and two yellow. I got thrown into this with one days notice, so I have not even built one. When we had the expected robots that would not work, I traced most of the problems to misaligned gears. However, we did not know what to do with that yellow wire, and I could not find anything online while we were at the site. Found one online video assembly that had the yellow wires, but fast forward through the wiring… I’m trying to slow it down now. Can you help me with this, so maybe some of these girls will have robots that actually move?

2 Answers

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Katie Fraser - Content Administrator
Robotic Industries Association
kfraser [at] a3automate [dot] org
(734) 994-6088

Jan, Have you tried reaching out to the manufacturer of the Spider Robots directly? They will have the best idea of what the wires are for. -Katie

Mark Westphal - Marketing Manager
Schmalz, Inc.
mark [dot] westphal [at] schmalz.us
(919) 713-0880, x566

Hi Jan - we'd love to assist, but your question is outside our wheelhouse. I hope you find answers with one of our partner robotic companies. Mark

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