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Safety Questions

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Working on the the safety distance calculation for a Motoman robot with a light curtain guarding a forklift opening. We have FSU so I can do safety speed monitoring. My safety distance calculation currently includes human walking speed toward light curtain, and the combined stopping times of all the equipment from trip to robot stop. My questions are this. Do I need to include the distance traveled by the robot in this time? If so, how is this calculation possible prior to deployment of the cell? Second Motoman only rates the S L and U axes stop times, are the other axes irrelevant? Third, Motoman rates their stop times in Deg/S per axis. the example in RIA 15.06-2012 depicts mm/sec. Am I only concerned with ensuring my joint deg/s speeds are slow enough to stop within the required stop time with no regard to TCP speed?

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Eric Esson - National Sales Manager
Dynatect Manufacturing, Inc.
eric [dot] esson [at] dynatect.com
(262) 586-1500

Adam: You may be able to simplify and enhance safety by utilizing a VF Door offered by Dynatect (in New Berlin WI) to guard the process in question. I would welcome a call to discuss in greater detail.

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