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Question Asked:

I'm currently 2 semesters away from getting my certificate in Robotics and Automation, and am curious as to what are the best first steps to take in starting my career? The interview and hiring process, and any advice that you can give to someone looking for entry level at my current experience level, which is still actively studying, but no experience in the industry.

3 Answers

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Leo Liske - Systems Group Manager
KC Robotics, Inc.
lliske [at] kcrobotics [dot] com
(513) 860-4442

Scott, There are multiple directions you can go after receiving your certificate. Work for a system integrator, maintenance in a plant some where, be a hired gun to program robots. Give me a call and we can discuss.

Diane Haig - CKO
Applied Manufacturing Technologies
dianeh [at] appliedmfg [dot] com
(248) 396-9361

You've made a great career choice! There are many opportunities available in robotics and automation. Most employers recognize that no matter what degree or certification you've achieved in school you'll need additional training on the job so be ready and willing to continue learning. For the job search take advantage of the career services at your school if available. They can help with job fairs, resume reviews, interview practice, etc. Do your homework and research the companies you are interviewing with prior to the interview. Good luck!

Mark Anderson - Head of Robotics and Automation Products
Comau LLC
mark [dot] anderson [at] comau.com
(248) 353-8888

Hello Scott, A great way to start your career would be to visit https://www.comau.com/en/about-comau/careers and follow the prompts to upload your CV. Mark.

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