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Material Handling Questions

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Hello, I'm working in cell flexible solution for welding of sheet metal parts (MIG). With many parts we can use holes and pins in the welding table for positioning and clamping, but there are some appearance (external) parts where holes are not permitted, we had thought about the use of vacuum suction or magnetic solutions in the base of the welding table in order to position and hold the parts, but then we are concerned about the accuracy assurance. Mechanical fixtures devices/solutions are not very viable because some metal parts are very thin or large and tend to bend easily, besides specific devices for every product have to be designed and we are aiming for a more flexible solution. Is there a specific solution that we can use for this application? All possible ideas are welcome.

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Mike Tuohey - Regional Marketing Manager
mike [dot] tuohey [at] piab.com
(781) 337-7309

You could use a matrix of suction cups on this table that would have a check valve in each cup. That way if you are holding a part that is not covered by all the cups, the open cups would be selaed off and not lose any vacuum flow. Check out our websote at www.piab.com. We have two companies in the Netherlands you can contact for more details. Find them here https://www.piab.com/en-US/where-to-buy/ Thank you Mike

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