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System Integration Questions

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Hi. I'm making a template for my company to use when we are performing our risk assessments as we are new to RIA. We are a robot integrator and also we design the robot cells(mechanical and electrical). I understand the risk assessment part, but I'm confused about the checklists Part 1: Annex F and Part 2:Annex G. We once hired a professional safety assessment firm on our behalf, and they only completed Part 1:Annex F. But we are now going to do our own assessments, and I feel as though we should be doing both. Any suggestions from another integrator/OEM? Do you fill out one of them or both? Thanks in advance.

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Mark Westphal - Manager, Marketing
Schmalz, Inc.
mark [dot] westphal [at] schmalz.us
(919) 713-0880, x566

Hi Nicholas - we would like to assist you, but as a manufacturer of EOAT, your question is outside our wheelhouse. I hope you have received more helpful response from some of our integrator/OEM partners. Mark

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