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Material Handling Questions

Question Asked:

Is there a gripper that can grab a 10 inch OD aluminum tube?

7 Answers

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Onder Ondemir - President
onder [at] ubiros [dot] com
(857) 204-6090

Hi Raymond, Thanks for your question. We make fully electrically actuated soft grippers that are great with odd shaped objects. Also, our design allows for gripper size variations with no loss in effectiveness. In other words, we can easily make long fingers for your large aluminum tubes. We will be happy to work with you to get a gripper that fits your needs. How about we have a phone conversation on Friday (8/2) in the afternoon? Best,

Jerry Tan - Shenzhen Han's Motion Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Han's Motion Technology Co., Ltd.
tanrong_24 [at] 163 [dot] com

Yes, I think there is such a gripper that can grab a 10 inch OD aluminum tube.

John Proegler - Marketing Manager
PHD, Inc.
jproegler [at] phdinc [dot] com
(260) 747-6151

Absolutely. PHD offers grippers that have the capability to handle auto rims over 30 inches. The tooling is a key factor. If you would like I can provide our application engineering contact information and they will be able to help you specify the exact gripper for your project. The service is free.

Mike Tuohey - Regional Marketing Manager
mike [dot] tuohey [at] piab.com

Piab has a gripper that can handle tubes from its internal diameter. Ideal for any robot, this large ID gripping EOAT is ideal for heavy lifting due to its robust linkage and needle roller bearing design. The gripping pads can have a sandpaper-like coating applies to further increase its grip strength. The lifting capacity of the gripper is up to 200 kg [440 lb] with inside diameter capacity of spools ranging from 150mm [6.0 in] and up. Please ciontact me below for more information.

Mark Westphal - Manager, Marketing
Schmalz, Inc.
mark [dot] westphal [at] schmalz.us

Hi there Raymond - Our vacuum gripping team has tackled similar projects. The Schmalz Vacuum Area Gripping Systems (FXP and FMP) product info can be found here: https://www.schmalz.com/en/vacuum-technology-for-automation/vacuum-components/area-gripping-systems-and-end-effectors/vacuum-area-gripping-systems-fxp-fmp And, if you'd like to contact me I can offer a photo of a similar application and get you in touch with one of our systems engineers to discuss the particulars. Thanx - Mark Westphal (mark.westphal@schmalz.us)

Costas Charalambous - Regional Sales Manager
Zimmer Group US, Inc.
costas [at] zimmer-group [dot] com

Hi Raymond, Yes there are plenty of grippers that can pick up a 10 inch OD tube. But there are a lot more variables that need to be taken into consideration. 1. What are the other dimensions and weight of the tube? 2. How do you want to pick up? From the end or middle? Picking up from the OD or going into the ID? 3. What are you doing with the tube once its picked up? 4. What is the environment like? Clean/dry or wet/dirty? 5. Electric or pneumatic power? Zimmer Group has one of the largest selections of grippers in the industry. Give us a call if you would like to further discuss your application.

Michael King - Application Engineer
Schmalz, Inc.
michael [dot] king [at] schmalz.us
(919) 865-0635

We have done this before with suction cups. We have handled solid extruded aluminum up to 10" in OD and up to 20 feet long. Please contact me to discuss the application in more detail.

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