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Safety Questions

Question Asked:

I am looking into risk assessment software? Is there software that does this and the circuit validation and verification with it?

3 Answers

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Dan Junker - COO
Automation Rangers, Inc.
dan [at] robotsafetycenter [dot] com
(513) 371-9494

Safety Center, Inc. is RIA endorsed software. We handle the software. I work with Safety Center and can give you a walkthrough.

James Norton - President
JHN Group
jamesnorton [at] jhngroup [dot] com
(617) 448-9649

I use Design Safe from www.designsafe.com. I have used it for many years and recommend it James Norton

Lee Burk - Manager, Training & Standards
Pilz Automation Safety L.P.
l [dot] burk [at] pilzusa.com
(734) 354-0272

As far as I am aware, there is no software tool that can perform both risk assessment and circuit validation and verification. I know of only 4 suppliers of software tools for circuit verification to ISO 13849 or, in some cases, IEC 62061, These include PAScal from Pilz, SISTEMA from IFA, Functional Safety Design Toll from ABB, and the Siemens on line Safety Evaluation Tool.

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