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We have a Kuka KR3 R540 robot that is being integrated into an existing system for vision inspection. The mounting location for the robot is in a tight area between a table and the lexan guarding. With this is being integrated into a portion of a system that was built by a different integrator, would we need to ensure the entire line is meets RIA standards prior to installing this robot or just the station it is being integrated into? Thank you.

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James Norton - President
JHN Group
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See RIA TR R15.506-2014 Technical report "Applicability of ANSI R15.06-2012 for existing Robot Applications. Table 1 Scenarios demonstrating various requirements. Scenario(s) 1. Existing equipment is automated with new robotic equipment, creating a new robot cell: Requirement; Treat the same as a new robot cell and conduct a risk assessment (Clause 4.2.1) Requirements: 7. Robots are added to or removed from an existing robot cell: Requirement; A risk assessment must be completed that address the affected portions. (Clause 4.2.5) Note 2 Meet the requirements of a modified robot cell (4.2.5) and perform a function check to confirm the cell performs as expected. I would do a complete new risk assessment on the entire cell

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