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I am using small robot to teach employees how to program robots. The robot has had the auto run setting removed and will/can only be used in manual mode with the teach pendant. I am trying to figure out what other protections might be required. I am l leaning toward a fixed barrier guard enclosure with just a warning line at the entry area. In addition, employees will be trained that only a single employee can be in the enclosure. It doesn't seem logical to require a light curtain or gate at the entry since the robot is permanently in slow speed teach mode. Any advice?

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Dan Junker - CEO
Automation Rangers, Inc.
danj [at] automationrangers [dot] com
(513) 371-9494

You miss the opportunity to teach the proper safety per RIA R15.06-2012 and RIA TR R15.306-2016 as well as NFPA 79-2019, EN 13849-1, ANSI-B11...etc. if you do as you suggest above. You can do what you propose as long as the robot cannot operate outside Teach speed of 250mm/sec AND a second person is not in the cell, as you indicate. You can let a second person assist the Teach pendant holder if they are carrying a 3 position enabling pendant. The control system would be designed so that any motion would require both the Teach pendant and the 3 position enabling switch to be in the center position for motion to occur. Please call with any questions.

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