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I am working on safety for input conveyor where operator will feed parts and it will index one position at a time. Position where robot picks the part is inside the fence and I do have light curtain on loading side of conveyor at appropriate distance from robot (1.5 m) gripper but not so far from loading point (500mm). But there are some pinch point at loading side. So will operator process start button with combination of that light curtain would be considered safe enough? That operator run bar has process start confirmation, ESTOP and reset.

2 Answers

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Eric Esson - National Sales Manager
Dynatect Manufacturing, Inc.
eric [dot] esson [at] dynatect.com
(262) 586-1500

Please consider the use of a VF Door by Dynatect in lieu of light curtains. https://dynatect.com/product/doors/vf-automated-machine-safety-roll-up-door/

Troy Denning - Owner
Design For Making
td [at] designformaking [dot] com

You might be able to use a two handed start opto. so the operator has to have both hand on the button to start the conveyor. You would just have to verify that the the pinch point opportunity is done by the time the operator can move his/her hands off of the start button.

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