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Material Handling Questions

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I am looking for a manufacturer/supplier that sells tool cribs for robot End Of Arm Tools (EOATs). I am looking to acquire 2 identical cribs that will each hold 1 EOAT, and can be mounted on a plate which is then mounted to a table-top. Any suggestions or recommendations on where I would be able to purchase or search for such a tool crib?

3 Answers

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Matt Hendey - CEO
The Hendey Group
matt [at] hendeygroup [dot] com
(317) 550-4006

Casey, Do you want a crib or tool holder? A crib is a gated space for holding and securing non-cost-of-goods inventory components for distribution to employees, typically. Items such as grinding discs, hammers, gloves or maintenance inventory for repair and maintenance of equipment. A tool changer or tool holder is for placement and retrieval of tools by automation or in your case, a robot. There may be an option from the EOAT manufacturer or we could possibly build you a solution. Happy to help if you have more details. Regards, matt

Paul Buck - Sales Director - Packaging Automation
APT Manufacturing Solutions
paul [dot] buck [at] aptmfg.com
(419) 542-6681

Casey - APT has an educational systems group that sells through education resellers. For your area, please contact the gentleman below and I am sure he will be happy to help you. Eric E. Bradbury Educational Consultant Integrated Systems Technology C: (734) 680-9903 E: eric@istmioh.com W: http://istohio.com

Matt Perrault - Applications Engineer
ATI Industrial Automation
matthew [dot] perrault [at] ati-ia.com
(919) 772-0115

Casey, My company, ATI Industrial Automation, can help you out! Feel free to browse our tool stand catalog here - https://www.ati-ia.com/products/toolchanger/toolstand/tool_stands.aspx picking between Small (0-50kg), Medium (50-100kg) and Large (>100kg) The range is dependent on the weight of your end-effector. Also, you can contact me to discuss details. Thanks!

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