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Welding, Arc Questions

Question Asked:

We have an OTC power supply welbee 500 with a Fanuc arm. We are not able to adjust the burn back to allow adequate wire at the contact tip to prevent blowing tips. We are working with 4043 x.047 wire. We welcome any advice.

2 Answers

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Matt Hendey - President
The Hendey Group
matt [at] hendeygroup [dot] com
(317) 550-4006

Wire stick is a common problem when welding aluminum if your equipment is not set up correctly or if you're not using the correct equipment. I'm am not exactly sure how to change your burn back time on your system but here is a checklist for many of the other items I check in the field. Burn back is rarely an issue. -Is the shield gas volume too high or low? More is not always better -Are the feed wheels the correct type and at the correct tension? -Is the push-pull system calibrated, if applies? -Is a correct tip to workpiece distance maintained? -Is the contact tip the correct size? -Is the liner at the torch correct? They can melt and restrict the feeding or shave off the aluminum and restrict feeding. -Is the aluminum clean? -Do you need to set a longer preflow time to reduce shield gas surging?

Mike Monnin - General Manager Sales and Marketing
mmonnin [at] daihen-usa [dot] com
(937) 667-0800

My first recommendation would be to verify there are no feeding restrictions that may be causing tension on the wire resulting in burn back at the arc end. From there verify that your tip to work piece distance is at 7/8”. Too short of stick out length can cause burn back as well as lend itself to excessive tip wear. If all these items checkout fine you can reduce burn back time and voltage with an adjustment to function F17 and F18 respectively. You can also troubleshoot real time with a technician if you need additional assistance. F17 and F18 are documented in your WELBEE user manual. Of course, technical support and a 3-year warranty on welding power sources is available directly from DAIHEN, Inc. via a call to customer service at 888-OTC-ROBO

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