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System Integration Questions

Question Asked:

What are the high impact pain points currently on automotive manufacturing factory floors? And which of these can be addressed by robotic automation? Do you think these have high replicability across the industry?

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Armin Mühleder - Director KEBA INDIA Pvt. Ltd.
KEBA Corporation
mld [at] keba [dot] com

Dear Mr. Jayavamsy Pampana, the trend in the automotive is clearly to go down to a lot size of a single piece. Due to the high volatility and the demand of individualization, the manufacturers in the automotive industry requires different manufacturing concepts without increasing costs by the same time. So flexible assembly lines with intelligent and smart operation methods enable the car manufacturer to keep costs, quality and productity on the same level. Thats their pain point to reach this goal. Manupulators and fixed assembly lines often prevent the operator on beeing able to react fast (set-up time!) on the upcoming demand/orders. Therefore, we could see on certain car manufacturers a change of concept - instead of using manipulators (very high investment costs) they moving to robots with safety, so that they are able to use the robot as a support device - similar than a manipulator - but with higher flexibility on multible use-cases. Same is valid for Industry.

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