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System Integration Questions

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Traditionally machine tending has been performed either manually or through some traditional PLC system. But, as I know, both these approaches have their limitations. Can machine tending be completely automated without any manual intervention? If so, is there some solution already available in market? Is there a need for such solution? What kind of demand can we project for such solution?

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Roman Huemer - Vice President KEBA Corp. US
KEBA Corporation
hmer [at] keba [dot] com
(219) 299-9993

Jayavamsy, we are sure that it is possible that machine tending system can be completely automated. We had a lot of different applications in the past were we provided the complete solution. Please get in contact with KEBA. We also have team in India. Thank you! Regards, Roman https://www.keba.com/en/industrial-automation/solutions/robotics/robotics

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