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Material Handling Questions

Question Asked:

which one is the best robot arm to pick and place the paper sheets in printing industry?

4 Answers

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Russell Tyler - Sales Manager System Technology
Zimmer Group US, Inc.
russell [dot] tyler [at] zimmer-group.com
(828) 855-9722

Hi Yogi, Your question depends on what you want to do with the paper and how fast you want to move it. The gripper / vacuum cup solution will also be critical for you. Please feel free to send over an email to me on the topic and we will be glad to help out to give general advice on the task and what robot type could be best - I would put you in touch with one of our team local to Hamburg to assist. Our company deal with end of arm tools, and we have done paper handling in the past. So we are specialist in the gripper and handling field.

Onder Ondemir - President
onder [at] ubiros [dot] com
(857) 204-6090

Hi Yogi, Pretty much any robot arm can do this generic task but what hard is the gripping. You will likely need a special gripper to pick the paper.

Roman Huemer - Vice President KEBA Corp. US
KEBA Corporation
hmer [at] keba [dot] com
(219) 299-9993

Hi Yogi, your question depends on a lot of factors. If speed is the critical part of your application a delta robot or a scara robot probably would fullfill your requests. We are experts for high speed and high precision pick and place applications. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to support you. Thank you! Regards, Roman https://www.keba.com/en/industrial-automation/solutions/robotics/robotics

Troy Denning - Owner
Design for Making
td [at] designformaking [dot] com

yogi, I would recommend a delta robot or a scara robot like the ones in these links: https://www.fanucamerica.com/products/robots/series/scara https://www.fanucamerica.com/products/robots/series/m-1ia a lot will depend on how you are presenting the paper sheets to the robot and how the robot will grip the paper. Feel free to contact me. My company is called Design For Making. We specialize in robotic applications and would be happy to help. www.designformaking.com

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