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Welding, Arc Questions

Question Asked:

I have a OTC DR Robot with a CPVAS 350 power supply. When I start the robot it comes in and starts welding but it just sits there and will not move unless you turn the weld off. Then it will finish the program with out welding. I was thinking maybe the interface cable? any other ideas?

3 Answers

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Mike Monnin - General Manager Sales and Marketing
mmonnin [at] daihen-usa [dot] com
(937) 667-0800

WPS works in this sequence. The gas is turned on, wire feed is started and then current is applied to start welding. Once the arc is started there is a contact closure known as the WCR. This is a confirmation signal that is sent back to the robot saying an arc has been established. When weld is turn on for the program the robot will wait for this signal to confirm arc establishment prior to allowing movement on a weld line. This issue could very well be a result of a worn or old fiber optic cable. The robot in question likely isn’t seeing the WCR signal indicating arc establishment. Some trouble shooting steps. 1. Replace fiber optic cable. 2. Make sure all connections are seated on PCB P9606P, P10153Q, and P6981X 3. On PCB P10153Q there is a terminal block and two terminals are labeled WCR. Place your multimeter on these. When not welding this circuit should be normally open. When an arc is established the WCR circuit will close. Contact us at 888-OTC-ROBOT for support

Larry Barley - Welding Engineer
lbarley [at] daihen-usa [dot] com
(937) 667-0800

Shawn, You need to check the weld control relay in the power source first. If not that, call our Service Group at 937-667-0800.

Roman Huemer - International Sales Manager, Industrial Automation, Robotics
KEBA Corporation
hmer [at] keba [dot] com
(219) 299-9993

Shawn, I cannot tell you how OTC is handling their application. KEBA offers complete solution for robots and machine automation. We also have a technology package for arc-welding were we could setup all the behavings. Please just contact us for any further questions. Thank you! Regards, Roman https://www.keba.com/en/industrial-automation/solutions/robotics/robotics

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