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Hello all. I am new here and not very well educated on the robot. We have a Fanuc 710iC50 with an R-30iA controller. I was wondering if it is possible for the operator to edit the program at the robot, on the pendant, and slow down the robot for 1 or 2 arm positions then return it back to full speed. We edit in several features now, coolant, spindle on/off, and dwells. Here is a screen shot of part of s program. Want to for example slow now moves 15 and 16. 1: UFRAME_NUM=1 ; 2: UTOOL_NUM=6 ; 3:J P[1] 50% FINE ; 4:J P[2] 50% FINE ; 5:J P[3] 50% FINE ; 6:J P[4] 50% FINE ; 7:J P[5] 50% FINE ; 8: DO[3]=ON ; 9: DO[5]=ON ; 10: WAIT 5.00(sec) ; 11: R[1]=R[4] ; 12:L P[6] 300mm/sec FINE ; 13: CALL DRILL ; 14:L P[7] 300mm/sec FINE ; 15:J P[8] 50% FINE ; 16:J P[9] 50% FINE ; 17:L P[10] 300mm/sec FINE ; 18: CALL DRILL ; 19:L P[11] 300mm/sec FINE ; 20:J P[12] 50% FINE ; 21:J P[13] 50% FINE ; 22:L P[14] 300mm/sec FINE ; 23: CALL DRILL ; Thanks, Jon

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Troy Denning - Owner
Design for Making
td [at] designformaking [dot] com

Yes it is quite easy to slow down individual moves of the robot. you can either change the speed percentage of the individual move, or you can change that speed percentage to a register internal to the robot and change the register to the speed you desire. There is also the option of programming in speed override steps into your program that controlls the override speed withing the program. If you would like some help feel free to contact me at 208-589-4615. Thanks,

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