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Looking for clarification. I understood that a robot cell had to meet a minimum performance requirement of PLd Cat.3. But then I read R15.06-2012 5.4.3 and it says other performance criteria can be used as the result of a comprehensive risk assessment. Is it allowable then to have a lower performance level for a small robot cell that might have a risk assessment that has a PLr of PLc, for example?

2 Answers

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Lee Burk - Manager, Training & Standards
Pilz Automation Safety L.P.
l [dot] burk [at] pilzusa.com
(734) 354-0272

In Part 2: According to clause 5.2.2 a minimum PLd is required. According to clause 5.2.3, however, if a risk assessment indicates an other PL is warranted that PL may be used. If your assessment indicates a PLe is warranted for a hazard, I would recommend designing to that performance level.

James Norton - President
JHN Group
jamesnorton [at] jhngroup [dot] com
(617) 448-9649

The quick answer is yes in my opinion, however you may do so at your peril. Be sure that your risk assessment is correct and that you have some science behind it, i.e. stopping time, response time etc. I am reminded that in the NAVY JAG corps we teach that it is a crime to obey an unlawful order BUT you decide it is unlawful AT YOUR PERIL.

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