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I am looking at setting up a University Level course in Robotics and applications for ME/EE and special bridge programs for Mechatronics. I know there are many Colleges that have these programs already but we will offer our own for a number of reasons. Much of the Robotics equipment I see is geared towards K-12 or is large Industrial gear. What equipment is available for the middle level? Can anyone recommend companies that focus on University level systems. I am looking to quote out some lab systems. Thank you.

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Troy Denning - Owner
Design for Making
td [at] designformaking [dot] com

Are you looking for robotic arms, or mobile robots, robotic controls etc. If you would like to contact me I can guide you to some good resources for all of them. I would say it depends on a lot on what type of curriculum you want. if you want a general overview of a lot of different types of robots or if you want a deep dive into just one aspect of robotics. You can contact me at 208-589-4615.

Darryl Swann - Technical & Corporate Sales Manager
dswann [at] daihen-usa [dot] com
(937) 667-0800

Hello William, OTC DAIHEN Inc. has a small robotic welding educational cell that is used for educational institution and we can also customize equipment to suit your needs. If you are interested please contact Bryan Peoples at 614-203-0025. Regards

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