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Safety Questions

Question Asked:

When performing the Initial Risk Assessment (according to R15.06), must the safety-rated soft axis and space limiting features of a collaborative robot be excluded from the system?

3 Answers

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James Norton - President
JHN Group
jamesnorton [at] jhngroup [dot] com
(617) 448-9649

RIA TR15.706-2019 Technical Report for Industrial Robots and Robot Systems - Safety Requirements - User Responsibilities, has under Sec. 5.2 Special consideration for collaborative robot applications.. With out determining what risk and hazards you would be exposed to if the safety rated soft axis and space limiting features were not present you would be unable to determine if they in fact protect users from those hazards at the performance level you would arrive at or if you need additional methods

Dan Junker - President and Chief Ranger
Automation Rangers, Inc.
danj [at] automationrangers [dot] com
(513) 371-9494

Hi Brian, Soft axis and space limiting are part of the requirements for a risk assessment verification and validation per RIA R15.06-2012, Part 2, Annex G - 5.4.3 Hope this helps, Dan

Cody Porter - Manager - R&D
Southwest Research Institute
cody [dot] porter [at] swri.org
(210) 522-6634

When performing the initial risk assessment, you want to take the stance of no safeguards applied to the situation you are analyzing. As such, even though the safety-rated soft axis and space limiting features are part of a collaborative robot, I would suggest ignoring them during the initial stage of assessment, as they are something you have to program for your specific application. This will help you better identify which regions you need to restrict and limit access to with the limiting features depending on the rating from your risk assessment. After the initial assessment, you can use the safety-rated soft axis and space limiting features as a mitigation to determine if this lowers the risk to an acceptable level or if more safeguarding will be required.

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