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Safety Questions

Question Asked:

I understand that safeguarding multiple people in the workspace require each have his own enable device. Does that mean, when one enables his device, the other devices will be disabled?

3 Answers

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Johnathan Rankin - Robotic Systems Engineering Manager
Nidec Minster Corporation
johnathan [dot] rankin [at] minster.com
(419) 628-2331

Usually the enabling devices are wired in series so when one is "off" the entire circuit will be disabled. The extra enabling devices are only enabling switches and do not have any control over robot jogging. If the enabling devices are not needed, they can be placed into a fixture with a safety switch that is in parallel so the circuit can still be enabled if only one person is in the cell. Once the enabling device is removed from that fixture, the safety system now looks for the enabling switch to be "on". I hope that makes sense. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

Lee Burk - Manager, Training & Standards
Pilz Automation Safety L.P.
l [dot] burk [at] pilzusa.com
(734) 354-0272

Johnathan is correct. If any individual enable switch is released or is actuated beyond the enable position, the robot will be disabled.

Miranda Woods - Marketing Event Coordinator
TUV Rheinland
mwoods [at] us [dot] tuv.com
(847) 208-4328

Hello! Thank you for your question. Would you like me to put you in touch with one our experts? If so, please reply with your contact info. Thank you! TUV Rheinland

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