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Welding, Arc Questions

Question Asked:

I having a communication problem with the welder and Robot code is saying welding supply is turned off and it is on I reset it by powering it down but still same error code keeps coming up.

2 Answers

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Troy - Design For Making
Design for Making
td [at] designformaking [dot] com

This would depend on the setup, but basically there should be a signal cable (perhaps ethernet, perhaps discrete i/o) from the welding power supply to the robot controller. I would check to make sure the cable is in good working condition and start troubleshooting from there. could be that the board that sends the welder power supply is on signal has become damaged, or something like that, but its typically the connections/cables that give the most trouble.

Steve Saumier - Director of Business Development
Sumig Robotica e Automação Ltda
ss [at] sumig [dot] com
(734) 891-4019

Listing the robot/controller and power source models would help. Did you reset both robot and power source. Check/test interconnection cable.

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