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Assembly Questions

Question Asked:

Suppose the SCARA robot is used in automobile industry for automatic assembly operation. Under which type of automation it will come. Justify your answer with brief explanation. List the advantages and limitations of the type of automation explained.

2 Answers

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Johnathan Rankin - Automated Systems Specialist
Nidec Minster Corporation
johnathan [dot] rankin [at] minster.com
(419) 628-2331

Hello Jack, Please clarify your question "Under which type of automation it will come". Do you mean: What brands sell SCARA robots? What type of movement limitations does the SCARA have? What operations do SCARA robot usually perform? Please clarify your question a bit and I'll be happy to help if possible. Thanks, Johnathan

Troy Denning - Owner
Design for Making
td [at] designformaking [dot] com

I would need some additional information. si quiere hablar en espanol contactame.

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